5 Amazing Boutique Hotel Lobbies - Welcome, Bienvenidos, Benvenuto!!!!

Your first step into a boutique hotel is truly the beginning of your much needed vacation!   And that first step is so important to the boutique hotel...it's their guest's first memory, so what they see, smell and hear have been planned thoughtfully by the hotel team.   Many boutique hotels do it right, but the five below are some of our favorites from around the world!  🌎

Our first fabulous lobby takes us to the shores of beautiful Lake Como, Italy and the historic Villa d'Este.  This historic hotel (it dates back to the 16th century!!!) is simply a stunner.   When you walk into the hotel lobby, you are taken back by the beautifully tiled floors, glowing chandeliers & gorgeous floral arrangements.  Service is top notch at the hotel, so whether you are at the pool which floats over Lake Como or dining at the fabulous restaurant, you will have a 5-star experience. 

Hotel Lobby

Continuing on the "hotel on the lake theme," 😂😂 Tierra Patagonia is located on the shore of Lake Sarmiento in Chile.  The design of this hotel lobby as well as the rooms really do a wonderful job of melding into the backdrop of the nature of the Patagonia.   Natural lighting abounds and the woods and metals are modern yet complement the scenery.  The on-site restaurant is amazing and may we suggest a trip to the spa after a hike in the national park?  Sign me up! 

As you walk into the lobby of the Nobu Hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico, its all about the views of the beautiful ocean that goes for miles and miles.   Beautiful white and wood treatments in the lobby complement the ocean views and provides a peaceful and serene experience.   After check-in, a poolside lunch and afternoon cocktail is a must! 🍹🍹

Hotel Lobby

Moving to the other side of the globe to the island nation of the Maldives, we could suggest many hotels that have amazing lobbies - the islands essentially become the lobby as you often take a boat to check in.   However, we do have to pick one, and we are going with Como Hotel Cocoa Island.  After a 40 minute speed boat ride from the airport, the welcoming open air lobby is the perfect pitstop before checking into your bungalow above the island lagoon.   A perfect place for relaxation!!!  

Finally, we head to the global city Bangkok, Thailand - a bustling, young and modern city.  However, The Mandarin Oriental lobby is a must stop even if you aren't staying here while visiting the city.   This is the grand dame of Bangkok and it truly feels like you are walking back into time.   The Bamboo Club is a fabulous place to have a cocktail and the gardens are beautiful throughout the common area of the hotel.   

So whether you visit one of these hotels or another one around the world, I hope you think about the lobby as not just a place to get your key, but really the beginning of a magical vacation!  🥂🥂🥂

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