Advent Calendar Gift Guide 2021

Instagram and sampling programs have brought Advent calendars to the forefront of gifting and almost every retail food, alcohol and beauty brand is in the race to provide the very best advent calendar this holiday season.

People give gifts to communicate sentiment, define a relationship, or re-establish a connection with another person. In many cases the gift is more meaningful to the giver than the receiver. But they still want the receiver to be moved in some way.

So, if you ask Hotel Beauty Box crew how to choose the best advent calendar for a client or loved one, we would have to lay down some simple guidelines that will make the gift both a perfect reflection of a thoughtful giver, and an exciting token of appreciation to the recipient.

Choose an advent calendar that has variety

The biggest mistake you can make when giving a gift to someone you don’t know very well is to choose a brand the giver may not like. Choosing an advent calendar which does not have the potential to satisfy or please a recipient then is a bad choice. When you are checking out advent calendars, then, try to find some which offer a wide variety of little surprises, one in which each “window” or “day” holds a unique product unlike the day before.

Hotel Beauty Box’s choice for an example of a varied advent calendar is Brewvana’s 12 Beers of Christmas, which allows the recipient to Discover a new craft brew each night, plus other surprise stocking stuffers (i.e. winter beanie, brewery swag, candy canes, and more) hidden throughout the box

Holiday Beer Boxes - Beerwana 12 Beers of Christmas

Choose an Advent Calendar that ships in a timely manner.

What’s a good shipping turnaround? 5-7 business days. But during the holidays, shipping can become a nightmare. Delays arise based on weather conditions, staff shortages and even a new concern facing gift-givers in 2021 - supply chain issues. So the best way to avoid all of that is to make sure the company has a timely shipping widow, and is known for their timely shipments, such as Amazon.  

Hotel Beauty Box’s choice for an example of an advent calendar that can be shipped in timely manner is Pukka Herbs Tea Advent Calendar 2021, 24 Beautiful Herbal Teas

Pukka Tea Advent Calendar - Perfect Gift for Non Drinkers

Choose an Advent Calendar that is fun.

The tradition of an Advent Calendar evolved from the Protestant tradition of lighting a candle each day from Dec 1 until Christmas, as a way of counting down the days. This became family and community traditions. Now, with millennials on Instagram spearheading their comeback, they have become a significant part of the holiday season, as well as a savvy marketing tool. 

But with so many options it is hard to find Advent Calendars that actually entertain, instead of overwhelm. What is overwhelming? Too many steps to use the product, too much design on the exterior, or a topic or product that has absolutely zero to do with the holiday season, such as the Friends Official Advent Calendar on Amazon, or sexy gift advent calendars. 

Hotel Beauty Box’s choice for an example of an advent calendar that is perfectly on point but super fun is the Holiday Scratch Off Advent Calendar Playlist. Each day, you’ll scratch off a number to reveal a QR code. Scan the code, and your phone will download a sweet holiday carol sung by an emerging artist!

25 Day Advent Calendar Playlist - Download a New Song Each Day


Happy Holidays from Hotel Beauty Box!    Cheers! 🥂🥂🥂🥂