Backyard Adventures with Hotel Beauty Box

So while it may be very cold where you are currently living, we are looking forward to warmer days ahead when we can use our own backyards as new places to explore! 

Below is a list to make your soul commit to staying outdoors for your backyard adventure.


Your Ultimate Guide to Backyard Camping

Lit Up Tent
Tent up!

Whether you have a tent or not, build a shelter with sheets or blankets that can act as a cozy space for reading and sleeping. You may not want to cover your head as you may want to fall asleep under the stars if you live in an area with “big sky.”  In other words, you have options!   Get creative when you are putting together your humble abode out in your lawn!

For those of you that might want to make a bit of a splurge while you get your backyard camping on, we do have a glamping option for you to take a look at!   The Waterproof Canvas Bell Tent - $750, is one of the best out there to give yourself the joys of camping with a little hint of luxury! 


Country Lantern

 Make it Magical...

Set the scene by using fairy lights or hanging lamps powered by batteries to illuminate your surroundings creating a soft glow. This opens up the senses to explore.  Good lighting isn't just needed indoors, we need it for backyard camping too!  

Let's glamp it up a bit shall we........Light In the Box LED Camping Lanterns $29.00 are a great add on, especially with LED lighting, which will last pretty much forever!   Speakling of LED, why not a string(s) of outdoor LED lights $18.00 which will give your campsite a beautiful glow!


Make it Scentsational!

Create the mood by lighting incense or using diffusers in smokey scents to smell like the smoke from a perfect crackling campfire.  No real fire - nothing to watch and worry about as you enjoy being a guest in your own camping safari.

 To take your backyard camping experience to the next level, try Incienso de Santa Fe, $13.50 which is a fabulous incense that we have grown to love.   It has that great smokiness that you really want to create the right vibe. 


Starry Night

So we leave you with a parting shot of the starry night and hope you have a wonderful time creating a staycation in your backyard.   

Be sure to check out Hotel Beauty Box where you can create other magical staycations!