Battle of the Soap Stars! Bar vs Liquid

Soap.  Not the most exciting subject, I know......but soap is a must during these times of sanitizing & making sure we are germ-free.   And while you may think that it doesn't matter if you are using bar soap or liquid soap, for our self-care, we are on Team Bar.....and not because we like drinking cocktails!  🤣🤣   Let me explain below....

  • First, bar soap has less ingredients......and we all know that adding ingredients to anything doesn't usually help (like when you start to add too many toppings to your pizza).  Bar soaps have zero preservatives and can actually be made with as few as four ingredients.   Who would have thought? 
  • Isn't it a pain to try to get the last drops of the liquid soap?   You don't have to deal with that when you have a bar, plus a bar soap lasts longer!!  I know they can be a little unslightly at the end, but we all need to do our part, right?  And in the meantime, save some money!!!!  💲💲💲
  • Did you know that it takes less energy to lather up your hands with bar soap versus liquid soap?   Who knew?  This lather helps remove debris and bacteria in a much better way as well - so another point for Team Bar!  
  • Let's talk sustainability for a soap usually comes in paper or thin cardboard......versus that plastic bottle that sits in a landfill your liquid soap comes in!   Take one for Team Earth!!!! 
  • Finally, bar soap is so fragrant!   May we suggest this little lovely from our friends at Soapiary the fabulous Cardamon Vetiver Calming BarThe gentle, de-stressing scent has earthy, sensual floral spice notes with rich, woodsy undertones.  Take it from me, this soap will make you want to relax!  

So there you have it - Team Bar Soap has the win in our humble opinion.....but if you disagree, we would love to hear your counter argument on why liquid soap is the way to go.......

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