Bellini Baby

How many of you have ever had a Bellini?   The blend of prosecco & peach puree has a taste of sweet bliss that can't be matched by other sparkling cocktails. 

While this cocktail might not come up high on your list as you are thinking of what to drink for tonight's Zoom Happy Hour (unless maybe you live on a 🍑farm?) It is definitely a cocktail that you should have in your little black book of cocktails to have for a special occasion! 

Where did this cocktail come from, you might ask?   From Harry's Bar, located in Venice Italy.   Venice, Italy is a place that all travel lovers must visit once in their lifetime......there is nothing like a gondola ride through the canals of the city and beautiful St. Mark's Square.   Unfortunately, a few too many people were getting that message and the city has been overwhelmed with tourists over the past several years.  Oh, and the city is sinking too, btw.   😓 

But I digress.  What I am suggesting is taking some of the delights of the city of Venice and create a similar mood in your own home!   If you are a cook, risi e bisi (spring pea risotto) might be something up your alley - check out a recipe here.  

And while we love to cook, we are here to talk about the Bellini!   Back to Harry's Bar.....Giuseppe Cipriani was the inventor of this fab cocktail.    Some of you may recognize the Cipriani name...they have locations in a few big cities in the USA - and one of their cocktail options is the luckily for us in the USA, you don't even have to travel to get this drink......

We owe you the recipe - because between you and me, you can make this cocktail at home for a fraction of the's an easy recipe and anyone can make it, I promise!  And guess what......frozen peaches are usually available in my local grocery store, so you can make this drink year round!

Fresh Bellini Cocktail

All ingredients must be very cold!    No ice in this drink please.

1oz peach puree

3 oz chilled prosecco 

Put the peach puree into the bottom of a champagne flute.

Gradually pour the processco into the glass and let it mix with the peach puree.