The Hotel Beauty Box Self-Care Edit - Brushing Up & Avoid the Dentist

Self-care and wanderlust - two of our favorite things.  But now, “Such as we are, such as the times,” as the saying goes, and the times now dictate we look in other directions to satisfy these two things.  

Today’s self-care topic lovelies is our twice annual visit to the dentist.  You know you don’t like going there - the scraping, the possible cavity...your teeth do feel cleaner when you are done but still…and now in the times we are in, how can we make the visit as pleasant as possible?

Well for one thing I am going to get a damn good toothpaste and use it. OFTEN.

Four times a day to be exact.  And I can brush without fear of my enamel burning off because of

 Travel Cap Ferrat Mood Toothpaste.

Named after a peninsula in the south of France, this toothpaste is perfect for your self-care regiment.  It is organic, toxin-free, and fluoride-free and refreshes your mouth like a handful of crushed fresh mint in an icy green tea. So fresh in fact my French Bulldog Hutchie loves to sit on my lap and smell my mouth right after I use it, wagging his tongue with glee. A dog’s olfactory sense is keenly aware of live action. It’s straight-up Frenchie-approved. And what’s better than that? 

Here are more details on this minty goodness:

  1. It’s meant to be mood-enhancing so prepare to be extra-productive.
  2. Hope you love baby-pink gums because this baby heals all wounds and banishes bad bacteria.
  3. Travel cap to prevent leakage. (It’s expensive and you want every drop).
  4. Looks like money on the sink. ;)

So far, so goooooood - this is the best toothpaste ever!!

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