Introducing the Masqini - Bringing Sexy Back to Mask Wearing

Mask on, Mask off.  Mask on, Mask off.   Is anyone else feeling the Karate Kid vibes here???   😂😂  OK, maybe not - but since facemasks are essentially the accessory of the season (reportedly its going to be a $10 billion dollar business!), we need to chat about them at least a couple of times, right???   

Because of the lucrative opportunity, everyone and your mother has gotten into the mask business.   Which gives you a ton of options.   So, while we are only going to talk about one brand today, keep your eyes out for more mask mania from us in the near future.  🎭

So one of our favorite swim brands is PQ Swim and when the pandemic hit, they decided to switch from producing swimsuits to producing facemasks.   And calling them Masqinis.  Which makes it a little fun.   Which we love.  Oh, and they are donating a mask for each mask purchased on their website.  Which we love too! 😍😍😍  

Leave it to a swimsuit designer to develop a mask that actually is cut nicely and accentuates your face!   What a novel concept right?   We get so tired of the ones that fall off your nose or are too tight around your ears....and while the blue disposable ones are handy....I haven't yet found an outfit where that mask really coordinates well, have you??

Masqinis are available for women and kids and come in fun prints.......rainbow tyedye, animal print, abstract prints and more.   They even have designed some with scarves attached to the facemask, which can bring a little more dramatic flair to your mask wearing self!   

The price is adults ranging from $12-$24....for the kiddos in your life, $10-$20.   And since they are washable, that means use them more than once please!   Just remember, it's not a medical grade mask, these are for those of us running to the grocery store and want to up our mask-fashion game!  

Let us not forget, while we must do our duty when it comes to mask wearing, it doesn't mean we can't have a little fun in doing so.   Which to us means putting on our Masqini and heading out into the world in style. 

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