Must Have Beauty Secrets for This Summer!

Hi! Are you looking for some beauty products to make your skin glow this summer? Well look no further! Here are five amazing beauty products from Polynesia. Polynesia is made up of more than 1,000 islands scattered over the Pacific Ocean. Polynesia beauty products are known for their natural ingredients to help your skin appear youthful and bright! 😊

Starting off strong with Taha’a Vanilla & Tuamotu Coconut Exfoliating Body Polish With Tahitian Monoï. This exfoliating body polish uses Tahitian vanilla bean powder and Tahitian coconut powder to prepare a light exfoliation for silky smooth and radiant skin.🤩 It also has Tahitian Monoï, which moisturizes and replenishes your skin!

This brand also offers the TIARE TAHITI Deluxe Body Soufflé with Tahitian Monoï. This Deluxe Body Soufflé is a rich, whipped body moisturizer. This delicate formula provides dry and dull skin with hydration that will last the day! This is a must have after being in the sun all day!!

For those of you who like to add some shimmer to your tanned skin, waste no time getting your hands on the Bronze Glitter Care. This product is great for magnifying your tan or even adding a chic effect!  It also contains Monoï de Tahiti which adds moisture to the skin. Smooth AND glowing skin? I will be taking this on my next beach trip!! ☀️

Next we have the Black Mask with Tahiti Black Pearl. Tahiti seems to be the secret ingredient for Polynesians beautiful, youthful skin!! This pearly face mask has natural substances such as black pearl and volcanic sand which helps nourish and purify your skin. All skin types will have a radiant glow after washing off the mask!

Last but not least we have a multi use product that of course, contains Tahiti. It is the Monoï de Tahiti A.O. Coconut fragrance. This oil is great for everything you can imagine! It covers restoring hair care and revealing the shine of your hair. As well as, an after sun moisturizer which will rebalance the pH of your skin. Finally, it has so many more uses including a relaxing massage oil or a soothing bath oil.

Do not miss out on these beautiful products that will leave your skin feeling incredibly nourished and brightened! All of these beauty essentials are amazing for the summer time! I will be ordering mine now!!