The 6 Wellness Patches You Need In Your Life Now!!!!

By now you have probably tried a wellness patch of some kind from your favorite beauty store. Unlike ingestibles, patches offer a delivery system without the use of sugars or other calories and deliver concentrated ingredients in an easy single-serve product.

But which ones are the best?

Here are our top 6 wellness patches we think are worth sticking to:

1. The Good Patch Nite Nite 

Why do we love it?   To help us get ZZZs, thats why!   Slap this patch on before going to bed and between the 15 mg of hemp & 3 mg of melatonin, you are heading to dreamland!   Remember, you can only use each patch once, so throw it away when you wake up from your amazing night of sleep! 


2. The Good Patch B12

So we gave you one that helps you sleep, but what happens when you have a case of the afternoon yawns?   The Good Patch B12 is here for the save!  With caffeine, B12 & green tea, you are going to get a little pep in your step, that's for sure.  No more coffee runs and getting more work done during the day!  Yay!

3. Patch Aid Mood Stabilizer Vitamin Patch Pack

This is a great combo of patches that not only help you get a good nights sleep but also keeps you on the up and up during the day too!   Besides a sleep aid, a B12 patch, you also get an Omega-3 patch and a Vitamin D3/Calcium patch as well.   You can purchase a 30 day supply or even get your whole year's purchase done all at once - why not just get it done?  It will make life so much easier, for sure!  

4. Patchology Little Helper Sleep Patch

This patch is actually more like a strip - you put it in on your tongue and it dissvoles in your mouth.   We love it - not only is it cruelty free and gluten free, the combo of melatonin, chamomile & theanine is meant to give you a great nights sleep.   We also like the fact that you can buy a single to try out - little risk in buying just one, right??

5. PatchMD Hangover Patch

How many times have we woken up after a night out on the town with a splitting headache and feeling like crap?   No comment over here.   But the PatchMD Hangover Patch could be the best thing invented ever!!!!  Put this on before you go out and the blend of viatmins, antioxidants and herbs can help your body process the alcohol to reduce the next day hangover effect!   Definitely checking this out - hit up to buy! 

6  Skyn Iceland Dissolving Microneedle Eye Patches 

As we age, the first thing on your face that you must protect are your eyes - and these eye patches should be part of that regiment!    These patches press on underneath your eyes - they melt onto the skin's surface.   It's amazing with keeping the skin under your eyes hydrated and smooths out fine lines.  Use these once a week and you should see results fast! 

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