The Bloody Mary - A Cocktail Everyone (OK Not Everyone) Loves to Drink!

While not quite a boutique hotel, the St. Regis in New York (171 rooms) is still one of those famous landmark hotels that is a must visit - if not only to have a Bloody Mary. 

Why you ask?  

Because it was invented there!    Actually, its a little messy - a few other locations have also staked claim to inventing the drink (Harry's New York in Paris & the 21 Club in NYC), but the people at the St. Regis feel that the addition of some famous ingredients (celery salt, lemon etc) give them the credit for inventing the drink we all have consumed at an All You Can Drink Sunday brunch or on New Years Day nursing a hangover! (BTW, January 1st is National Bloody Mary Day in the U.S.A.) 

There are so many different recipes for a Bloody Mary - each family has their own special ingredient that makes it there own.  We have seen cucumber for a more veg-forward type of drink, a ton of horseradish and what I love is the slab of bacon to go with the traditional garnish that comes with your Bloody Mary at certain places in the Midwest! 

So for the purists out there, let's start with the original St. Regis recipe.....

Ingredients (makes one cocktail)

2 oz tomato juice

1 1/2 oz vodka (pick our favorite, we like Grey Goose)

2 tsp. fresh lemon juice (fresh is the key word here, don't use that stuff in the plastic bottle please!!!)

Worchestershire to taste (I like a lot) 

Kosher salt and pepper to taste

Cayenne Pepper to taste (how spicy do you want it??)

Lemon Wedge, for garnish


Combine ingredients into mixing glass, stir and pour into ice-filled collins glass. 

Add lemon for garnish

OK  - so this is the classic.   I actually do prefer a few things for more flavor - horseradish and celery salt.   But that's just me.   

What I say is this - start with the basics - tomato juice, vodka and then go from there - have fun with it.....after all, most of the time we think we want a Bloody Mary is when we are completely hungover and our minds are cloudy, so you probably don't even know what you are drinking!   Just kidding!    

Can't wait to hear about your favorite Bloody Memory recipes or memories. 

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