The Hotel Beauty Box Self-Care Edit: Self-Care Masks that Rock

Self-care and wanderlust, two of our favorite things…..however, “Such as we are, such as the times,” as the saying goes, and the times now dictate we look in other directions to satisfy these two things.

Lately, I’ve been drawn to both hotel swag as well as new travel sized personal care beauty products.

Longing for the chance to don a great hotel bathrobe and tear open a killer mask, I’ve ordered myself both. One soft, oversized robe from The Standard, and one deeply hydrating, single-use mask from Verso Skincare.

This week, I’ll cut the soul-numbing sting of WFH by starring in my own travel adventure romcom. I’ll “Join the Meeting” in my heavenly soft robe whilst I infuse much-needed hydration onto my tired overworked-from-home face.

I don’t care what the team thinks - we’re pushing boundaries and stretching limits of what is humanly acceptable in terms of daily pursuits here!!!!. I need to live out my coronacation dreams as I negotiate my next deal. So let’s get to why I absolutely love my Verso mask: 

  1. It fits my face perfectly. Unlike most masks there’s no overlapping of it onto my hair or over my ears. It feels comfortable.
  2. It’s not oversaturated with product. There's no slipping and sliding and dripping with this mask. Verso is expensive and I have found that the more expensive a mask is the less active product you get on it, but there are some that have like NO product - whereas Verso is complete and generous without being sloppy. Big points for this!
  3. It smells divine. Verso has a light citrusy fragrance that invigorates me instead of putting me to sleep, so I can concentrate on my Zoom meeting as opposed to missing it because I am so comforted by my hydrating mask.
  4. And it works! Wrinkles smooth out, cheeks plump and a nice glow extends across my face - perfect for a Friday night date night with the hubby on our boat! (yes, he compliments my skin every time.)

So if you are like me, you should have a few Verso masks sent to your humble abode and join me on my coronacation!    

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Hotel Beauty Box - Room Service…..Delivered